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Tel: 0151 928 9280
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Steve Latham
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Welcome to the Liverpool Concentric Sales and Lettings Branch

Concentric Sales & Lettings Crosby, YOUR local LHA and HMO specialist letting agency...

Owner and Managing Director of Concentric Sales & Lettings Crosby Steve Latham specialises in letting and managing LHA tenancies and HMO properties in Liverpool.

Steve, who personally owns a £multi-million investment property portfolio mainly in north Liverpool, works with his full time team of property professionals, running both his own portfolio of 150 rental units plus those of his client Landlords, from his Crosby based Lettings & Property Acquisitions Agency, Concentric Lettings.

Since 2006, Steve has carved out quite a niche for himself, letting HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) properties to LHA tenants, through working closely with the local Borough Councils to provide essential, high quality, safe and affordable accommodation for low income and vulnerable people. 

This has made Steve quite an authority in the area of LHA tenancies, giving him the critical mass of experience necessary to really understand the needs and expectations of being a full-time investor landlord in the Merseyside private rental sector.

Steve’s investment strategy has ensured his familiarity with the HMO licensing requirements, having developed an excellent relationship and rapport with the local Councils and licensing departments, even to the extent where they take trainee staff around his properties to act as a benchmark safety standard for what other landlords should aspire to achieve. Hence, due to these high standards and quality, Steve has rightly achieved all the Merseyside Councils’ Accreditation Awards.

Steve said: “With my 10 years experience in property investing, and my direct links to both the local councils and benefit offices, I can offer really sound advice to local Landlords on the important issues and challenges surrounding their LHA tenancies”

Liverpool Contact - Steve Latham
19 Mount Pleasant, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 5PL
Tel: 0151 928 9280

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Concentric Sales & Lettings Crosby owned and operated “by an Investor landlord on behalf of investor landlords”

Steve Latham who set up Concentric Sales & Lettings Liverpool in 2010, before embarking on running his letting agency, was exacerbated with the poor level of service from letting agents in his town, in particular in relation to their handling of his substantial HMO and LHA portfolio of over 150 units

Utilising his years of experience as a property investor and landlord, his connections in the local community, in the local councils and from within the Concentric Network itself, Steve is able to off a true 360 degree service to his clients, by really understanding what they need and want.

Steve Latham 


Meet the Team



Top in Liverpool for Letting Agent customer reviews on Freeindex and Google

Being a letting agent can be tough especially in the challenging HMO and LHA marketplace, however despite this the high levels of customer service can be seen via the exceptional customer feedback present online. Concentric Crosby are pleased to report being in the top 3 in the area for customer reviews on Freeindex and carry the highest level of positive reviews on Google too, check these out HERE 


Local tenants, looking for great safe homes to let

In the Liverpool, Crosby and Waterloo areas of Merseyside, there is a huge rental market and it is going from strength to strength. The market is very mixed and regulation is high, with selective licensing being considered currently too, compliance has never been a more important consideration than it is today.

The type of tenancies vary, from HMO (houses in multiple occupation being very popular locally, given the age and style of the local property, as these type of units traditionally offer a higher rental return for landlord and also meet the needs of the local younger tenants. The local LHA market, providing housing for the local community, where the social and council stock is not available is one of the largest growth areas in Liverpool at the moment, and Concentric Letting Agency Liverpool, have really made this a speciality.

Understanding the housing benefit system and all the reforms coming in with the welfare reforms, is complex and many letting agents would prefer not to handle this market, however given Steve’s extensive knowledge, he welcomes these tenancies where landlords are in agreement. This gives good quality homes for local residents, a good and long term income stream for landlord investors and with his rigid, and well practiced procedures for this market, he maintains, less than a 2% arrears rate across the board, which is well below the national average of 10% currently.

Trained and dedicated Management Team to handle all tenant enquiries 24 hours per day

The dedicated management team is on hand 24 hours per day to handle any calls or emergencies that may arise at a landlord’s property using local suitably qualified and insured contractors. The Management team are ARLA trained and fully licensed for their client’s protection and peace of mind. The management team will handle repairs, maintenance, arrears, deposit returns, negotiations ref deposit bonds, LHA claim issues, renewals of tenancies, inspections, vacates etc.

Lowest tenant arrears rate in the UK

The Concentric Property Management team have one of the lowest Arrears rates in the UK, with overall rent arrears maintained at less that 2% (the national average is 10%) this is through strong arrears management with strict processes followed to find resolves and work with the tenants to conclude to a satisfactory result for all.

Specialist HMO management

The management of a HMO property requires specialist service and knowledge from the lettings team, monthly inspections, health and safety check to keep you in line with the HHSRS requirements, the LACORS fire safety, tenant management internally and externally, council licensing requirements, on-going management, rent collection and management, house rules, tenancy laws and management of the day to day costs and requirements are very different from a normal property to let on a single tenancy.

Concentric Sales & Letting Agency Crosby, take this in their stride, the Director Steve Latham is highly experienced in all things relating to HMO’s, the purchasing, setting up of HMO’s, planning consents and requirements, licensing, letting of them, licensing and on-going management. Being a substantial HMO landlord himself for many years, Steve and his team understand all this with ease and can utilise this knowledge to keep their client’s safe and hassle free.

Experts in LHA tenancy management

The 8 strong team at Concentric Liverpool, are all experienced in handling the process of LHA whilst working with local tenants. They will protect the landlord client, by working with the tenant to make sure that claims are submitted on time and in the correct manner, advise the landlord in relation to expected rent and timescales and see the claim through to payment.

Following this they will continue to work with the local Sefton and Liverpool councils and help should the claim falter or get stuck for any reason

Steve Latham MD says “We work tirelessly to ensure that our landlords receive payment for their properties that they have provided to our tenants. They have a duty to offer and provide good quality safe accommodation and we will also work with them on this to make sure that the property meets the requirements of the council and the needs of the local tenants too, this way everyone wins. The LHA rules are complex and many landlords get baffled by the red tape and complication put in their way, we work through this to ensure that all claims are dealt with as and when needed in the correct manner”

Accredited and licensed for your protection

All landlord clients of Concentric will of course have the protection of full client money protection through ARLA, (Association of Residential Letting Agents) being members of the TPO (The Property Ombudsman) and TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme) for your peace of mind through our ARLA licensed management centre.

Services Offered by Concentric Sales & Letting Crosby

Letting Only Service

Advertising, Marketing, conducting Viewings, finding tenants, referencing, tenancy agreement preparation, inventory creation and utility set up, then it’s over to YOU. 

Letting and Management Service

The Full letting and management service for landlords includes:

  • Tenant find and referencing
  • Tenancy agreement production
  • Inventory produced
  • Rent collected throughout tenancy
  • Arrears chasing if necessary
  • Tenancy renewals negotiated
  • Deposits held, registered and returned
  • Inspections organised
  • Maintenance organised and managed on behalf of landlord if required

Buy To Let Advice service

Buy to Let advisory workshops held to give an introduction to buy to let and to work with you to create YOUR personal plan for buy to let.

Property Acquisition or sourcing service

Initial assessment of your property purchase plan and current resources, followed by guidance and advice on what sort of property to buy, where and within which market, for example, standard lets, HMO, LHA all to suit the area, your budget and personal goals. 

Sectors worked within

Professional working tenants

  • LHA (Local Housing Allowance) tenants
  • HMO (houses in multiple occupation) tenants
  • Company Let (companies letting residential units for employees to live in)
  • Institutional social housing associations to provide accommodation for long term tenants 


If you would like more information on any of the services above please contact the office on 0151 928 9280 or email us on or pop in for a chat sometime.  

Free Guide for Landlords "10 Things to consider when choosing a letting agent"

Comprehensive guide on buying and setting up "Professional House Shares" 

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Emergency out of hours number for maintenance: 08454 700 147

Areas Covered includes:

Waterloo, Seaforth, Aintree, Bootle, Litherland, Ford, Netherton, Walton, Crosby, Great Crosby, Little Crosby, Thornton, Lunt, Sefton, Lydiate, Maghull, Melling, Melling Mount, Kirkby, Formby, Freshfield, Great Altcar, Hightown, Ince Blundell. 

Landlord Testimonials

Towcester Street:

"I originally approached Steve Latham to get his advice on how to evict an LHA tenant who was 6 months in arrears. Steve immediately showed me how I could claim a back-dated LHA payment for this lost rent and secured a payment to me for £2,640. Not only that but Steve structured things so the tenant remained in my property now achieving a rent 25% higher per month that before. I can’t recommend Steve highly enough"

A Parker – Landlord

Gray Street:

"Steve Latham can perform the impossible. I had a property in a more run down part of town and l was very concerned about the risk of leaving it vacant. Steve did a brilliant applicant match and found he had a single pregnant woman, on his waiting list, who could move in straight away, but she only qualified for the 1 bed LHA rate of £390 per month. I ideally needed the 2 bed rate of £475 per month. Steve consulted with his contact, who’s the head of benefits, and made arrangements for the tenant to move in at the higher £475 DHP rate. Without Steve’s assistance and contacts I wouldn’t have ever thought this possible"

D. Jeffery – Landlord


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Concentric Sales & Lettings Crosby is owned and operated by S Latham Property Services Ltd.

Registration No. 07262279. Incorporated in England and Wales 












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